The Management Council is directed by a 16-member Executive Committee of which six must be Department Heads. These members are elected in December by the full Council membership, having a term of three years--two Department Heads and three Non-Department Head members are elected each year to provide continuity.

The Committee also includes one retired member who is elected to a two year term. The Executive Committee annually elects the following officers:

This group meets monthly to discuss issues and develop programs.

Executive Officers

Executive Committee

Standing Committees

Management Education
Morteza Mostafavi
Plans and organizes monthly educational seminars on relevant management topics.
Special Services
Rafael Carbajal
Plans and organizes periodic special events for the benefit of council members.
Sheryl L. Spiller
Updates and maintains the current roster of Management Council membership.
Derrick Robinson
Promotes awareness of the Management Council and its events via an electronic newsletter and this website.