Membership Requirements

Membership in the Management Council is for L.A. County employees only and is determined by employee's payroll classification. Employees eligible for membership consist of Department Heads, their Chief Deputies and others designated as management staff by the Director of Human Resources. Generally, all classes within the Management Appraisal and Performance Plan (MAPP) are eligible, as well as non-MAPP positions determined to be eligible through mutual concurrence by the Department Head and the Executive Committee of the Management Council.

Payment of Dues

Management Council dues are $8 per month payable through payroll deduction. A Payroll deduction card can be obtained from your Human Resources Officer. Retired managers of the County of Los Angeles are also welcomed to join. Dues are $2 for retired members, payable through LACERA payroll deduction. With your dues, you receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted fees for conferences and educational seminars
  • Discounted fees for Special Events
  • Voting privileges for council leadership

With your dues, you are investing in an organization which on your behalf, tracks important management topics, tackles common issues, and identifies emerging challenges. Programs are jointly financed by your dues, individual event fees, and by a stipend from the Board of Supervisors.

Note:  Retirees eligible for LACMC membership must print an application and deduction form, since the payroll deduction of membership fees are processed through LACERA as indicated above.

LACMC Membership FAQs

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