About Us


The Los Angeles County Management Council (LACMC) traces its origin back to 1948 when the old Personnel Management Council was created for County Department Heads. In 1962, the Board of Supervisors replaced the Personnel Management Council by establishing the Management Council with an enlarged scope of responsibility to improve departmental management through the study of problems relating to personnel, fiscal and other management matters. At the time, a Personnel Sub-Council was also formed consisting of those persons having responsibility for departmental personnel matters.

On October 15, 1974, the Board of Supervisors approved the merger of the Management Council and the Personnel Sub-Council, creating what exists today as the Los Angeles County Management Council.


The purpose of the Management Council is to provide the most effective management possible in all areas of the County's activities by:

  • Providing a mechanism to enhance the communication between all levels of managers, both within and between departments.
  • Providing training opportunities that are related to the performance of management functions and are not a part of the normal training efforts of the Department of Human Resources.
  • Working with the CEO and Department of Human Resources to enhance the management environment.


The By Laws governing the Los Angeles County Management Council