Education - About the Committee

Committee Members

Jackie Guevarra, Chair
Quality and Productivity Commission

Tracy Jordan, Vice-Chair (Training)
Board of Supervisors

Nicole White-Gamble, Registrar

Rhonda Aven-Haggenmiller, Secretary
Chief Executive Office

Davis Barrantes
Treasurer and Tax Collector

Don Belton
Animal Care and Control

Alexis Camins
Arts and Culture

Sarah Rivanis
Human Resources

Maria Rivas
Public Social Services

Martiros Sahakian
Child Support Services

Olga Svitlynets
Chief Executive Office

Arpi Zadoorian
Board of Supervisors


Purpose & Services

The Education Committee plans and coordinates the monthly training and education seminars for the Los Angeles County Management Council. We provide training for new and seasoned managers on both technical (e.g., budget and accounting, project management, data analytics) and soft skills (e.g., emotional intelligence, wellness, communication, leadership). These topics are selected to complement and enhance managers’ roles in the workplace, as well as to provide tools and resources for success.

Committee Membership & Volunteer Opportunities

The Committee is always looking for new committee members AND volunteers to help identify and develop relevant learning programs each year. These positions assist with the planning and execution of the seminars, staffing in-person seminars, and providing technical and administrative behind-the-scenes support for both in-person and virtual learning. Committee members must be current members of the Management Council and will attend monthly planning meetings, plan at least one seminar a year, and actively contribute to the mission of the Committee. Volunteers are neither required to be current committee members nor eligible for membership of the Management Council. Volunteers assist on an ad-hoc or periodic basis.

Benefits of Volunteering

Committee members and volunteers who participate on the Education Committee benefit from networking opportunities, developing project management skills, and leadership experience from planning a seminar. Committee members may attend all seminars at no cost. Volunteers may also attend the seminars they help develop, coordinate, or present at no cost.

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Education Committee, please see the application here. Please send your completed application package to Jackie Guevarra ( and Tracy Jordan (

If you'd like to volunteer, have an idea/topic for a seminar you'd like to share, or have any questions, please contact members of the Education Committee at:


Jackie Guevarra, Chair