LACMC Bylaws

The latest Los Angeles County Management Council Bylaws can be downloaded below. These Bylaws explain how the organization is structured and operates. The Bylaws underwent review in 2020 and updates were approved to align with best practices for membership organizations.


Update on 10/15/20:

The LACMC Executive Council directed the review and updating of our bylaws to provide a better governance structure for LACMC. The bylaws had not been significantly reviewed for many years. Many changes were made suggested to comport with current best practices for membership organizations. As you will see, the proposed bylaws provide more guidance on how LACMC should operate, providing more clarity regarding membership, actions/requirements of the executive council, responsibilities of officers, committees, and liability. The LACMC executive council believes these proposed new bylaws are a positive move in strengthening and growing our organization. We hope you will agree, and vote in favor of these bylaw amendments when the vote is called.