Mentorship Program

Benefits to the Mentee:

  • Build Managerial Skills
  • Facilitate Career Readiness
  • Transfer Learned-Leadership Skills
  • Develop Professional Maturity
  • Enhance Confidence
  • Shared Recognition and Networking

Benefits to the Mentor:

  • Develop Next-Gen Leaders
  • Refine Leadership/Managerial Skills
  • Promote Successful Succession
  • Professionally Rewarding
  • Shared Recognition and Networking


What is the LACMC Mentorship Program?

The LACMC recognizes that a critical component of the County's succession planning process is transferring knowledge and experience between County leaders. The LACMC Mentorship Program will provide a systematic approach for LACMC members to share leadership insights, professional skillsets and enhance public service leaders' network across departments.

The LACMC Mentorship Program is structured around one-on-one relationships between mentees and seasoned leaders serving in all areas of County service. The mentoring partnership is a twelve-month commitment, where mentors and mentees agree to meet a minimum of once a month over the calendar year.

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