• Why should I join LACMC?

    Being part of LACMC provides its members with opportunities for enhanced communication with all levels of management, both within and between departments. In addition, members have the opportunity to participate in trainings that are related to performance management but are not part of the normal training efforts of the Department of Human Resources.

  • Do I have to pay to be part of LACMC?

    Yes. As of 2015, Management Council is only open to dues-paying members. The monthly dues are made through payroll deduction in the amount of $8 per month.

  • What are my monthly dues used for?

    Monthly dues are applied to offset the costs associated with the monthly educational seminars, training, and conferences.

  • If I am already paying monthly dues, why do I have to pay to participate in LACMC events?

    Providing services for its members such as with the Educational seminars are costly, as such, portions of your monthly dues are used to help bring down the costs for these events and thus make them affordable for LACMC members.

  • What if I am a member but then transfer to another department where my position no longer qualifies for membership?

    Your membership in LACMC follows you with your new department as long as you are a member in good standing.  However, membership to LACMC is ultimately at the discretion of your new department head.

  • What if I feel my position qualifies me for membership but I was told I could not join?

    You should refer your inquiry to your department’s Human Resources to see if your position meets the qualifying criteria for membership.