Leading Change: How to Equip, Engage, and Empower Yourself and Your Staff for Change Success!
When: July 13, 2022
Time: 09:00 AM To 12:00 PM

Online Event

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Change management skills have never been more important than today.  The amount of change that we have experienced over just the last few years has been significant and impactful.  Navigating that change can be difficult enough on its own; yet as leaders in the County, we are called upon and responsible for leading change in our organizations.  In this seminar, you will learn how to equip yourself with the tools you need to engage change, how to engage your staff to help them manage the transitions needed for change, and how to empower yourself and your organization for the momentum needed to produce impactful outcomes. 

This seminar will: 

  • Define how to lead change and manage transitions 

  • Provide a framework with examples to organize your thoughts and understand human behavior during change 

  • Challenge you to develop and achieve your ability to lead change and manage transitions 

  • Inspire you to adopt a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement 

  • Explore how leadership on change management is not just for the workplace; these tools also extend into personal life 


A person in a suitDescription automatically generated with low confidenceDean Gialamas 

General Manager - Enterprise Performance & Accountability Chief

Internal Services Department 

Dean is an uber-successful intraprenuer and an energetic presenter, instructor, innovator, author, and high-performance coach in the areas of technology, business operations, strategic planning, executive management and leadership.  

He has over thirty-one years of progressively responsible success in private industry and government positions with seventeen of those years in high-level executive management.  

Having worked nearly a quarter of century in technology as a crime scene investigator and crime lab director, he then moved to executive management overseeing thousands of employees and managing a budget of over $675 million.  

He is currently an executive manager for the Internal Services Department, overseeing performance and accountability, for a department with over 5,100 employees and contractors and a budget approaching $1 billion. He is also an investor, consultant, certified highperformance coach, and a mountain bike coach and addict. 

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