Accountability, So Costly Incidents Don’t Happen Again: Corrective Action Plans
When: August 18, 2022
Time: 09:00 AM To 11:00 AM

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Corrective Action Plans (CAP) in local government help officials increase accountability, prevent the misuse of the public trust and its resources, and improve overall compliance with laws and regulations.  If checks and balances are not in place, costly incidents begin to emerge, causing challenges for County departments, employees, and external stakeholders. In today’s seminar, County leaders will engage in interesting conversations and discussions regarding corrective action plans and accountability to decrease risk and prevent damages to the County. 

This seminar will: 

  • Provide an overview of the County Risk Management CAP Policies and Process 

  • Introduce valuable insights into how the “Root Cause of Incidents or Events” are identified and to prevent them from recurring 

  • Highlight the CAP Development and Implementation Process 

  • Inform participants on the challenges associated with CAPs 

  • Share tips on effectively communicating CAP task requirements with peers and the public 


Lieutenant Rivers Lieutenant Melynie Rivers

Risk Management Bureau / Corrective Action Plan Unit

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

As a veteran in law enforcement for 25 years with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, Lieutenant Melynie Rivers recently supervised the Corrective Action Plan Unit.     Through her innovative corrective action approach, Lieutenant Rivers trained and briefed the Sheriff Department’s executives on the development and processes of all the Corrective Action Plans and Summary Corrective Action Plans. 

Lieutenant Rivers’ professional experience consists of 9 years working in Custody Service Division, 14 years working in Central Patrol Division and Countywide Services Division, and two years working in Risk Management Bureau.  Lieutenant Rivers graduated from El Camino College with an Associate Degree and continued her education at Arizona State University, majoring in Criminology.

Julia Kim

Administrative Services Bureau

Los Angeles County Fire Department

Julia Kim began her employment with the County in January 2015 and has primarily worked within the Fire Department.  She was Fire’s Risk Manager for several years and very recently transitioned into her new role as the Department’s Human Resources Manager. 

Ms. Kim is also a graduate of Loyola Law School and has been licensed to practice law in California since 2012.  Prior to joining the County, she performed litigation work and was also general counsel for an insurance company.

Elizabeth Howard Elizabeth Howard

Risk Management Division

Department of Children and Family Services

Elizabeth A. Howard, a Louisiana native with a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling from Southern University has over 40 years social services experience, 30 of which are with Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). She began her journey as a Children’s Social Worker and promoted to various administrative and managerial positions in Contracts, Quality Assurance/Out of Home Care, Resource Families, and is currently a Children’s Services Administrator III in Risk Management’s Internal Affairs Section. She has worked closely with California Department of Social Services, Administrative Law Judges, other County Departments such as Probation, Mental Health, the Auditor Controller, community stakeholders, and all levels of DCFS staff. She is a graduate of Leaders In Action, was awarded Administrative Employee of the Month, and received other certificates acknowledging her accomplishments.

This seminar will be co-moderated by

Benjamin Effinger

Operations Chief

Treasurer-Tax Collector

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CEO Risk Management Inspector General

Risk Management Inspector General – Risk Management (

Approval of Revised Board Policy #8.020

101847.pdf (


CEO Correspondence to Department Heads about Corrective Action Plans

Microsoft Word - CAP Form 2015 (Confidential) - revised 9-29-15.docx (

Corrective Action Plan User Guide

Corrective-Action-Plan-User-Guide-FINAL-4-17-18.pdf (

Annual Risk Management Reports

Annual Reports – Risk Management (

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