Project Management
When: October 13, 2022
Time: 09:00 AM To 04:00 PM

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Project managers are considered successful when they deliver a quality project on time and within budget. This six-hour investment of time will not only save hundreds of hours of frustration but also increase the success of every project. Participants will learn from our expert’s considerable experience and extensive research. Much like a sea captain, the project manager needs a fully functioning, dedicated, knowledgeable, crew to sail successfully through challenging and narrow passages in the eye of a storm. The project manager’s crew — i.e., the project team — is responsible for performing specific tasks to remain on course. This seminar will give participants a set of tools needed to build morale, confidence and respect in every team member. In addition, participants will be given techniques to reinforce their leadership skills in decision-making, quality mentoring, coaching, and cheerleading.

Key learning points:

  • Master the art of project planning and organize the project from start to finish
  • Succeed in managing a project without omissions and miscalculations
  • Use proven communication skills to get the cooperation, support and resources needed
  • Root out waste in every stage of the project — wasted time, money and effort that endanger a project’s success
  • Identify and use indispensable planning and scheduling tools
  • Estimate time and costs with pinpoint accuracy, using a 3-point approach that reduces the risk of costly delays and errors


Diana Lynn Sterling (Oct 2022 seminar)Diana Lynn Sterling

Project Manager/Producer, Certified Coach, Trainer/Group Facilitator

Fred Pryor Learning

PEOPLE: As a senior production executive and project manager, I understand the stresses, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of any committed and successful leader. By coaching aspiring executive leaders who wish to make a difference in their careers and companies, they are also leading the way to create life-affirming positive changes in their communities at this unprecedented time in history. Ultimately, coaching partnerships lead to a sustainable outcome—to be owned and refined ongoing.

PROCESS: My integrative philosophy of transformation starts with the gathering of important stories... and then illuminated for action with coaching and training approaches. This process starts with deep respect for the human condition and to honor where the client's path is heading in present time. Adult learning strategies and tools are deployed to understand what motivates people, companies and communities.

PROJECTS: My collaborative project management approach is rooted in: end-user customer experience (UX), project-oriented operations, publishing, event production, film/video production, and business strategy. Native confidence in sequential thinking, storyboarding and problem solving turns any idea, goal, initiative, campaign or launch into a successful project, program or enterprise.

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