Emotional Fitness for Leaders

Emotional Fitness for Leaders

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When: October 25, 2023
Time: 09:00 AM To 12:00 PM

Online Event

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In July 2023, LACMC offered an emotional intelligence seminar called “The Emotionally Intelligent Leader.” The response was so strong, that we are bringing another seminar to you this month with additional tools and perspectives to improve your skills as a leader.

We humans make an average of 35,000 choices everyday and a whopping 98% of them are automatic, meaning we often aren’t aware we are making them. 

Why is this? Humans are emotionally wired to do what is most comfortable, familiar and safe, in the absence of some other intention or direction. Without the awareness of this conditioning during critical moments, we can end up creating the opposite of what we really want. In these moments, it is possible that instead of having emotions, your emotions are having you.

Unless you develop a powerful relationship with your emotions. 

Join us for this 3-hour webinar on Emotional Fitness for Leaders where psychologist, coach, trainer and author Dr. Aprilia West. In this presentation, Dr. West will walk us through 4 key emotional efficacy skills you can use to harness your emotions and choices for better wellbeing, leadership and performance.

Participants will:

  • Learn the role of emotions in wellbeing, choices and performance
  • Explore the four core skills that lead to emotional fitness for leaders
  • Practice surfing emotion waves without reacting 
  • Find ways to pivot from emotional defaulting to designing values-based action
  • Downshift emotional activation to stay focused on what matters most


drwestDr. Aprilia West 

Dr. Aprilia West brings 20+ years experience as a consultant, executive coach, psychologist and trainer working with Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Members of Congress, entertainment industry executives and creatives, and tech founders. She is passionate about applying contextual behavioral science, neuroscience the science of wellbeing and positive psychology to optimize human performance.

With real world experience and extensive training as a psychologist, coach and organizational consultant, Dr. West brings a niche understanding of human behavior to her work with founders, tech entrepreneurs, artists and entertainment execs. In addition, Dr. West trains coaches and therapists worldwide in applying contextual behavioral science in clinical and organizational settings.

Dr. West developed the construct of emotional efficacy, which she explains is “what you’d get if emotional intelligence, resilience and psychological flexibility had a love child.” She also designed and tested an evidence-based protocol, Emotion Efficacy Therapy (EET), to help people harness their emotions and tap their full potential that has been applied in both clinical work and in coaching.

She is author of ACT for Your Best Life (2023), What You Feel Is Not All There Is (2021) and coauthor of the clinician’s guide to Emotion Efficacy Therapy (2016) and Acceptance and Commitment Coaching in the Workplace in Positive Psychology in the Workplace (Springer 2021).

Dr. West is credentialed as a professional certified coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation, is a fellow with the Institute of Coaching, McLean, affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and has additional training and certifications including: the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessments, Systemic Team Coaching through the Academy of Executive Coaching, mediation and conflict resolution and through the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation (PON), Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching, and coach training from the Coactive Training Institute (CTI).

She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and a masters degree in teaching and is a founding member and past president of the Southern California chapter for the Association of Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) and a member of the Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13) of the American Psychological Association.