Artificial Intelligence and the County: How AI Can Change How You Work
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When: April 30, 2024
Time: 09:00 AM To 12:00 PM

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As it is often said, there is no stopping progress. One-hundred forty-four years ago, there was The Light Bulb. Soon after, The Automobile. The Airplane. Then Television and in relatively quick succession, the Personal Computer, Internet, Social Media, The Smartphone. And now, we are standing on the precipice of a once-in-a-generation technology that is set to change the course of human history again: generative artificial intelligence.

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT launched in November of 2022, hyperboles have run out when it comes to describing how artificial intelligence is poised to transform every facet of our lives. Within a matter of months, startups, established tech giants, and entire industries and governments have clamored to build and invent, control and explore this emerging technology.

But what exactly is artificial intelligence? As a County manager, will AI really impact your work? Will AI make your job easier or take it away completely? In the next LACMC seminar Artificial Intelligence and the County - How AI Can Change How You Work, we’ll explore these and other questions, so you are ready for whatever lies ahead in The Era of AI

Participants will:

  • Learn the history of the generation-defining technology of artificial intelligence
  • Define key terms such as "large language models" and "generative artificial intelligence", and how they work
  • Explore how some County departments and other industries and sectors are utilizing AI
  • View demonstrations of Copilot, Microsoft's AI powered solution built on the technology created by OpenAI.
  • Discuss the ethical, privacy and security considerations surrounding generative AI


SchwartzMichelle Schwartz

Strategic Account Director for Los Angeles County - Microsoft

Michelle lives in Southern California and has worked in the public sector technology industry for more than 20 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from California State University Sacramento, and has worked for the State of CA and various Fortune 500 companies. Her areas of expertise include security, cloud, artificial intelligence, data integration, data center, modern work, and more. She joined Microsoft nearly 2 years ago as the Account Director for Los Angeles County.


Jeremy MathurinJeremy Mathurin

Director of Technology Strategy for Los Angeles County - Microsoft Corporation

Jeremy collaborates directly with executive leadership throughout the County to align technical solutions to business problems. Jeremy has extensive experience supporting federal, state, and local organizations in their technology innovation efforts, focusing primarily on data analytics, robotic/intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, operations, and process engineering. Most recently, Jeremy secured a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in Digital Technology Innovation from Cornell’s S.C. Johnson School of Business.


Alex Hieng

Data & AI Specialist - Microsoft Corporation

Alex lives in Southern California and received his undergraduate degree from USC before continuing his applied analytics education at Georgia Tech. Alex spent 20 years of his career as an independent consultant, working with fortune 100 companies in Southern California. He joined Microsoft in 2018 and has spent the last 6 years as a Data & AI Specialist. He has spent his career implementing complex data solutions focused on Microsoft technologies. Alex enjoys helping customers modernize their data platforms and implement Artificial Intelligence-enabled solutions. As a specialist, he looks forward to speaking with customers about artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. His focus is to help people better understand the applications of AI and demystify the technology. Apart from work, he enjoys networking, spending time with his family, and playing a round of golf.


MohammedMohammed Al Rawi

Chief Information Officer - Public Defender.

Under Mohammed's leadership, the LACPD has experienced a significant digital transformation, streamlining its operations and improving legal service delivery to Los Angeles County residents. Since his arrival at the LACPD in 2019, Al Rawi has led the development and implementation of the Client Case Management System (CCMS), marking the most extensive digital overhaul in the 110-year history of the nation's largest Public Defender office. Al Rawi's leadership and the transformative success of the CCMS have earned him widespread recognition, including being named one of the nation's Top 25 Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers by Government Technology.

Before his tenure with the LACPD, Al Rawi was the CIO of the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department and served as the Deputy for Technology and Innovation for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Second District. His career also includes a role as the Technical Director for the Los Angeles Times' news bureau in Baghdad, where he covered the Iraq war and its aftermath.  He has received numerous accolades, such as the Service to the Citizen Award, and the Best of California award.


Kieran Garcia

Kieran Garcia

Modern Work Speicalist - Microsoft Corporation

Kieran is a Modern Work Specialist in his 2nd year at Microsoft. Prior to that, he spent 8 years as an independent consultant assisting public sector customers with deployments to Microsoft 365. Lately all of his tech attention has turned to generative AI – specifically Copilot for M365. Kieran’s spare time is almost exclusively catered around a rambunctious 4 year old and a life long love of soccer and video games.


Jeff Aguilar

Jeffrey Aguilar, MBA, CISM, CRISC, CDPSE

CISO - County of Los Angeles

As Chief Information Security Officer of Los Angeles County, Jeffrey is responsible for all aspects of information security, including information security governance, strategic direction, executive advisory, program maturity, and adherence to federal information security policy. Other responsibilities include participating in information technology advisory bodies, and other committees or agencies involving County policies, plans, methodologies, and programs related to information security.

Jeffrey earned his MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. He is an Adjunct Professor for Pepperdine Graziado Business school and an active member of several industry advisory boards including FBI Cyberwatch, Infragard, LA City CyberLabs, Secure the Village, Pepperdine CyRP program, and a 2019 Government Technology award winner for Service, Support & Leadership.  


Aleine CohenAleine Cohen

Senior Corporate Counsel, Microsoft Corporation 

Lead Counsel for Microsoft's US State and Local Government business. Former Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Delaware Department of Technology and Information. Current primary legal responsibilities include working on government contracts and procurement regarding regulated industries, AI, privacy/cybersecurity matters, complex cloud computing transactions,  professional services and support agreements.